PARASHIELD Instrumentation/Shielded Cables are used in process Control application. Wide range of instrumentation Cables are designed for interconnection of Switching system equipment, Plant Automation, different sensitive equipments, process control application.

Overall Aluminium foil shielded Application

                      Overall shielded cable constructions are recommended for use in Instrumentation computer and control application where signals are transmitted in excess of 100 Mili volts except in areas where high voltage and current sources create excessive noise interference. Aluminium-Mylar foil with Drain wire provide 100% coverage for shield effectiveness.

Individual + Overall Shielding Application

                   Individual shielded Pairs/ Triad/ Quads etc. are recommended for use in application where optimum noise rejection is necessary. Individual Pair/Triad/Quad shield are fully isolated from each other and contain a separate Drain Wire for grounding to provide maximum protection from cross talk and common mode interference. Cables with overall shield provide additional electrostatic noise protection.

  Cross Sectional Area
0.5 sq. mm to 2.5 sq. mm of solid/stranded tinned/un- Tinned Copper Conductors.
  Insulation PVC/ Polyethelene as per requirement.
  Formation PAIR/TRIAD/QUAD, Colour coded/Number printed
Aluminium Polyester Screen Overall (collective screen) (OAS) With Drain Wire, Individual Screen (IS) With Drain Wire or both IS and OAS with ATC Drain Wire (Wire Braiding can also be provided as per the requirement of customers.)
Unarmoured /Armoured with Galvanised Steel Wire/ Strip
  Sheath PVC, FR,FRLS As per Requirment
  Applicable Standard BS 5308 Part (I & II)
  Colour codes specification IEC: 189