PARASHIELD Shielded Cables are used in process Control application. Wide range of Shielded Cables are designed for interconnection of Switcohing system equipment,PlantAutomation, different sensitive equipments, process control application

SHIELD: Means Protection.

             In cable industries we can use Term Shield as a protection of Signal from electro Static Interface, humming. It all Depend on Braid angle, Braid conductor, type of Braiding/Screening individual or collective, or both, Braiding/Screening percentage, efficiency of Screening/Braiding.

             Shielding may be provided by Annealed Bare Copper, Annealed Tinned Copper wire, Al-Alloy Silver Coated Copper Wire, Nickel SS Wire, G.I Wire in the shape of Braiding Shielding also provided by Metallic Tape (Alluminium /Copper ) with Drain Wire with Minimum 25% Overlapped.. for better performance of cable, Copper Braiding may be provided
over metalic tape.


Cross Sectional Area  
0.12 sq. mm to 2.5 sq. mm upto 100 core of tinned/un- Tinned Copper Conductors. (Flexible)

2.5 Sq. mm to 120 Sq. mm upto 4 core

Insulation   PVC/Polyethelene as per requirement
Identification of Cores   Colour coded/Bio-colour/Numbered
Formation   Collectively laidup with suitable filler
Overall (collective Shielded) (OAS), Individual Shielded (IS) or both IS and OAS provided by Bare copper or annealed tinned copper as per the requirement of customers.
Armouring   Unarmoured /Armoured with Galvanised Steel Wire/ Strip
Sheath   PVC, FR, FRLS As per Requirment